Chris Galfas


About Me

Chris Galfas began playing guitar when he was 7. It was all he ever wanted to do. By the age of 12 he was the fastest guitar player in New Jersey, a haven for rock musicians. Formally trained at the Berklee School of Music and Manhattan School of Music he knew early on he wanted to create a new sound blending America's great music forms.

His playing did not go unnoticed. By his early 20s people like JT Taylor (Singer for Kool and the Gang) and Mtume (Juicy Fruit) were seeking him out. After playing the guitar on Juicy Fruit the top selling record of 1983 he played with Aurra (Are You single?), The Temptations, Melba Moore, Bobby Ingram, and more.

This Maui recluse prefers playing the small intimate clubs of the islands to massive tours.